Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parent's dig this stuff

so i know that you are tempted to buy a bunch of stuff for those you love this Christmas. I get it... you love them, they love you, you want to show that love by buying them something nice. but can i suggest one thing? why not this year, MAKE something for those you love.

I'm a big advocate of advent conspiracy, which promotes loving more and spending less. not that I won't buy anything at all this year, but I'm going to think about it more, and not just buy some random thing if my heart isn't into it.

SO all that to say, I made you all a free download. it's a family tree that you can print and fill out with everyone in your family's name. then frame that bad boy, and say "hey mom, i have this family tree for you with all of us on it."

so just click here, and print. if you have more people in your family and you'd like it edited a bit so that you can put everyone on there, no biggie, just email me, and for 5 bucks I can do that for you.

I promise she will be a fan :)


  1. Lisa, I love this! Thank you so much :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. wow that is so sweet!! love it :)

  3. This tree is so cute! Thanks so much for it. :)

  4. Hey Lisa!

    I came across your gorgeous tree on pinterest...but I can't get the file. It says it's been deleted :((
    Help? Pretty please?