Monday, November 14, 2011

On Haddie's Head

apparently when i was a wee one, everyone would come up to my parents and say what a beautiful baby boy they had on their hands, which is totally fair, i mean what really distinguishes a cute chubby baby face from a boy or a girl?

but there are these things called headbands now, and so i decided to make Haddie a few, and booooyyy does she look cute. And there's no debating the issue, she is more assuredly an adorable little lady. I may be biased though.


  1. awwww what a darling little headband! it is true that sometimes it's hard to tell if a baby is a girl or boy, i guess that's why people make such a big deal about buying "blue" or "pink" colored onesies!!

  2. love it! she is soo beautiful! i want to meet her!!

  3. yay for baby headbands! i am having my very first niece in january and i'm DYing to make her cute things.

  4. AWWW! there's no mistaken that Haddie is your beautiful baby girl :)