Wednesday, September 21, 2011

in the swing of things

3 weeks old this Friday! i have to say that with each day we catch the drift a bit more on what it takes to care for this newborn. sure, there are still sleepless nights, fussy spells, and the inability to think clearly on even the simplest of thoughts. BUT compared to our first night alone with her....we've come a LONG way.

when did you first start to feel like parenting was actually a doable thing? :)
oh, and what does one do when you want your baby to sleep in the room with you, but she's noisy when she sleeps?


  1. Our little girl is 8 months and she still has trouble sleeping through the night. But we've also heard of babies that sleep through the night at 2 months, so it could go either way.

    Once she starts interacting with you, laughing and smiling, everything else just kind of fades. It makes the tired nights completely and utterly worth it :)

  2. We tried to have Lucia sleep in the same room with us but had to eventually move her out because she was so loud. ha ha It was super hard at first, but we only moved her next door and kept the doors open between the hallway. That way I knew I could still hear her wake up and grab her before she really started wailing for food. Hope you are feeling great and taking advantage of as many naps as you can right now. ;)