Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Stalker

i stalked Santa pretty hard the other night
you see, there is this thing about me.
i get star struck with just about anyone.
with the anchor woman at our local news station, at the glimpse of winne the pooh at a theme park... at the mailman. anyone. really.

so you can imagine my "pee your pants" excitement when i saw santa the other night.
the only thing is, he wasn't as stoked.

so ladies and gentleman, here you have it, the grumpiest pictures of santa you will ever see.
sorry they are a bit fuzzy, but i was frantic.

( i'm on cloud nine, santa is not)

(santa running away from me, typical...)


  1. I love this story Lisa. classic. and hilarious.

  2. You are too silly. This made me laugh hard! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story, you stalker!