Friday, December 4, 2009

mexico, cha cha cha

My husband has been laid off. Yet with all praise to God, we haven’t gone to that “place” (at least yet). The place that tells you that your worth is your “net worth”, that you can’t really be a family until you have that house, or those kids, or that car... It’s taken a lot of time but I can honestly say that I am in a peaceful place. A place that is located smack dab in the middle of my Father’s hand. It has little to do with what the earth does, or what the people around it may cause. It is secure, safe, and held.

What are we going to do? Well, we’re going to Mexico for a few weeks. We’re trying to see this time as a time freed up. We were able to save (maybe not buy that extra dessert for a while) and we’re going to serve in an orphanage. We’re not going with an aim to restore people, God has the ultimate power there. We’re just going as a chance to serve alongside one another, maybe see something in my husband that I haven’t seen before. See where I can be stretched and grown, the fact that it might take place with a bunch of adorable children, well that is a bonus.

were thinking of going at the end december (soon!).. We are both looking forward to it.


  1. that is so awesome Lisa!! good for you guys! what an incredible adventure that will be for the two of you :) and it is SO good to hear that you are in a place of peace -- i know from experience how difficult it is to come to that place when you're facing financial stress. you guys will be in our prayers!

  2. A very awesome idea to turn something potentially stressful into an opportunity to grow closer and do some good for others. The best of luck to you!