Friday, December 18, 2009

custom orders

whew. where has the time been going?
i am serious. where?
i feel like literally it was just october, then november decided to move right in and make itself cozy, and now mr. december is here, and almost gone, really.
i realize that with the time moving at warp speed, i haven't been able to show you some of the fun custom projects i have worked on:

this is for a fun couple in portland, who are taking the leap and getting hitched.
their theme is donuts and apples, splendid!

this one i made for a friend from michigan whose brother and sister in law are adopting!

and of course i've been doing lots of these :)

if you EVER need any custom invitations, prints, artwork, cards, email me!


  1. So cute. You are so. very. fabulous-ly. talented.

  2. Those shower invitations are to die for!

  3. oh my goodness i absolutely adore the baby shower invites!! you have such great designs!!