Wednesday, June 6, 2012


to say that this month was crazy would be a complete and total understatement.  i bet you could tell since I haven't posted anything in almost a complete month.
i struggled with insomnia for weeks.
we've been looking for a new direction and change for our family.
we lost loves ones, including nate's sweet grandma.
we made two teeth.
we traveled to Michigan again.
anxiety crept up.

basically things we wacko.
but (i hope) things are becoming clearer.  skies are getting brighter..

and i'm back to work!
so if you need anything, let this girl know. and i promise to post more :)


  1. Lisa!
    Sounds awful! I hope everything gets a lot easier this month!
    Sending you strength momma!

  2. :( i'm sorry you had such a trying month lisa. wish i lived closer so i could help. thinking of you. you and nate will be in my prayers!