Saturday, April 14, 2012

making it work

well, i am 7.5 months into this work from home mom thing, and I gotta tell you, its not THAT easy (although look at that girl, its worth it). Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely blessed...I'm not 2 months postpartum and working at the grocery store after a c-section, like the young mom I met the other day, oye.

It's a balancing act though, trying to be a good attentive mother, but also trying to bring in some income to help out, all the while trying to keep my house from looking like its on the show, hoarders.

my design business is multifaceted, from making the designs themselves to getting new clients (which for some reason hasn't come as easily since Haddie was born).
i guess they call it work for a reason, no one is going around calling work the fun zone or anything.

just sharing my piece, I'm SO grateful for all of my clients who bring me new work and the ones that keep coming back to me. you guys are the absolute best.

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