Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pantie Pocket

if you are like me, you are getting invited to a lot of showers lately. people are having babies and getting hitched all over the place. last night, i went to a bacherlorette party and I wanted the plain ole gift card that i got for her to have a little more oomph. So i made this little pantie pocket for it to go in.
she loved it.

and so i thought you might want to have it to, for all the people that you know that are getting married.

so here it is! just print it, glue the edges, and voila!


  1. So cute!! I just got an invite to a bachelorette party yesterday, and this will be perfect for it :) Thanks!

  2. That is so flipping awesome & unique.

  3. how stinking cute is that! what a fun idea.