Sunday, July 11, 2010

my skin hurts

sorry that every post i do lately has seems to be a weekend re-cap.
its just that i'm having a really fun Summer, and super thankful for that.
although right now, I'm exhausted and sunburned from the tip of my nose to the tip of my toes...
it's okay because i got to live out these photos. fished for the second time in my life

ice cream served outside

lovely people that let us borrow their canoe

dancing under the stars

running through the hay and striking a pose

so to recap:
number of showers taken this weekend: 0
ice creams consumed: 2
fish caught: 00
smiles because of said lack of fish: 2
mountains viewed: 1
fantastic pool parties attended: 1
hearts filled: 2

and to think, i get to go home in 10 days!


  1. ok that scenery is absolutely breathtaking!! looks like fun. you look adorable in these photos as always :) will you be swingin' by these parts when you visit the mitten?

  2. looks like a blast, pretty girl! :) glad you had a fun weekend

  3. beautiful photos Lisa! And say hi to MI for me! I'm from Muskegon...where are you from?

  4. amazing and gorgeous photos!
    the water is so blue!

  5. Better not to blog and have a great time!!! Thnx for sharing! Great pics!