Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i know i talk about the weather a lot on here.
and it's not because i'm boring. it's not my fault either. my stepmom would turn the tv on every morning when i was growing up and eagerly await the verdict of the day, rainy or sunny, cloudy, or foggy?

its become my obsession too.
well not obsession, but you know. I'm interested.
so i too now get up and look for sam champion's bright and sunny face on my telly.
tell me sam! will it be nice today?
no. lisa it will not.
it will be rainy, and stormy.
and disgusting like it has been for the last 7 days.
get over it.
that's what he says, for real. :)
hope your weather is brighter than ours today!


  1. I know how you feel, being just a couple hundred miles south of you the weather is probably identical. I always check the weather forecast online to see if there's potential for us to go to the park, or if we'll be playing indoors all day.

    It's all his fault.

  3. nah its suppose to be super nasty down here for the next few days.