Sunday, January 24, 2010

culture shock

its been about a week now that we've been back in the states after our trip to Mexico.
and i think i do have culture shock in a way. now that i think about it, rodeo drive might not have been a good place to make a stop right after mexico :)

it can be hard to re-enter into a society in which it's people almost feel entitled to things. And i speak of myself as well on this, so i'm not exempt.

i just think that i was really, really blessed to be with people that, even though they don't know what is going to be on their table to eat, they still rely upon and thank God for what they do receive. I think I forget and take for granted a lot of health, my bed, warmth, water, light. there are so.many.things. if you see me, please remind me to be thankful of those things.
i could use to help in not forgetting.
we all could, i think...

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  1. thank you for this post lisa. being around those with little to nothing (which comprises the vast majority of people in the world) is a reminder of just how much we are blessed with. it's also a reminder that joy doesn't come from material possessions.. i definitely have to remind myself of these things often.

    wish i were around you some so we could remind each other!

    p.s. love your new header!!