Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Print crazy

Last night I attended a workshop on how to do yudu screen printing at the IPRC of Portland. I haven't really done much screen printing in the past, so i was interested in seeing what this class was all about.

Well.. I'm in love.

Screen printing has always intrigued me but I was always kinda over it, because i knew it took so long to make an actual screen to print off of. Not the story with yudu. While the instruction were as vague as it gets. The screen only took about an hour to make. Which means that after you make it, you can print with it to your hearts content. And better yet, I'm allowed to use the yudu, down at IPRC whenever I want. psh, for reals. Look at some sweet screen printed stuff i've found. All I'm saying is, that if you are a friend of mine, expect these as gifts.


  1. how about some swatches for Gussy to use as fabric?!?! ohhh, sounds like a plan! ;D ha ha


  2. Cute designs!! I love my Yudu. I've printed on everything from T-shirts to wood, vinyl, canvas, paper, leather, and felt. Check out my blog for pics:

  3. I just got a brochure for a Yudu today. lol I really want one, but I still kinda like my way of screen printing.

  4. that is sweet! i want one! can't wait to see the designs you make!!

    p.s. the "models" on that yudu website are hilariously awkward!!